banchory cluster sangs  

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Tune: Hey Tuttie Taitie

By P4/5/6 Drumoak


Willie de Irwin looked after the armour

Of Robert our brave king, to keep him safe from harm


Freenship is the key, it’s the key tae victory

Freenship is the key, the key tae victory


Chainmail and gauntlets, sword an shield an helmet

Stout an strong an heavy, tae stop him getting bashed


Willie was an angry man, ‘Tut tut tut, Yer Majesty

De Bohun almost sliced you, but you chomped aff his heid’


Bruce felt embarrassment, to show that he felt sorry

He gave Willie a silver shield wi sprigs o holly green


Bruce said tae Willie, ’Have an early Christmas pressie

Here’s the giant forest an the Castle o Drum’

Willie was angry because Bruce had ridden out before the army on the morning of Bannockburn only wearing part of his armour, and was charged by the English knight De Bohun who was fully armoured.


By Drumoak P4/5/6

Tune: Merry Boys Of Greenland



Sharks in the ocean bite your legs off

You'll be in pain, the blood will flow

Watch for the signs that say Beware

Stay on the beach cause a shark is there

This is what you have to do

To stop the sun from burning you

Suncream and hat, you'll be safe with that



Fire can burn your house to the ground

Fire can burn it all the way down

Pay attention, don't let a fire start

So you don't need to Stop, Drop and Roll!

[Bullying, Internet and Drugs]

You need friends, so keep calm and be safe

Do not bully, or you'll get in a fight

Don't text strangers, block out the meanies

Trouble on the Internet, keep yourself right

Don't take drugs, you could go hyper

Crazy, cuckoo, cray cray, daft

Don't be a monkey or a muppet

Don't take chances just for a laugh



 Fasten your seatbelts, yellow jackets

Check your exits, left or right

You can go first class if you're lucky

When they're ready, off we go

Fly through the air with no underwear

Fly through the air with nothing to spare


Stop look and listen, keep yourself safe

From the dangers of the busy road

Don't run over, watch till it's safe

Ready, steady, off you go


Smoking cigarettes causes cancer

That can kill you, don't you know

Just one cigarette has 2000 chemicals

If you smoke, other folk will choke

They'll get your smoke

Don't be a dope

You can cope

Always have hope