banchory cluster sangs  

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By Drumoak P2/3/4

Drumoak tree is faain doon

Faain don, faain doon

Drumoak tree is faain doon

We’ll get squished


It is glowerin ower us

Ower us ower us

It is affa scary


Acorns bouncing aff oor heids

Aff oor heids, aff oor heids

EE ow ooo!


Twigs and branches brakin aff

Brakin aff, brakin aff

Landin on oor shooders


Time tae rin awa an hide

Awa an hide awa an hide

It’s crushin doon aaready


Time to tiptoe oot o here afore it lands on us


Someone better chap it doon

Chap it doon, chap it doon

Wi a muckle chain saw


Files yase a muckle aix?

Muckle aix, muckle aix

Tae chap it intae firewid


We need expert help

Expert help, expert help

Phone a tree surgeon








Noo we hae a open space

Open space, open space

Fit tree will we pit there?


Birken, aik, ploom, rowan - (tables whisper and sound the words)

The dangerous tree in the old Drumoak Primary playground has fallen down since this song was written!


 Tune: Where Gadie Rins

 By P2/3/4 Drumoak


A maiden wis sowin in the field

 Seeds o barley scatterin

 She saw the laird come walkin by

 Proud an charmingly

High or low, rich or no

 We’re aa Jock Tamson’s bairns

The sun wis shinin through the cloods

 The laird he said, ‘Whit a lovely day’

 ‘It’s affa fine an bonny tae’

 The quine replied quite shyly


They lookit intae each ither’s een

 Although the sun was sinkin doon

 Thochts o love come shinin through

‘Whaur can ah fund yer faither?'

He asked her faither for her hand

 The fairmer didnae understand

 'She could be yer servant at yer haa

 Helpin in the kitchen'

 'She must be treated equally

 I'm in love with her, you see

 I want her to marry me

 And learn to be the Lady o the Drum'

The laird's men wouldnae doff their hats

His new bride took nae mind o that

'High or low, we're aa the same

 We’re aa Jock Tamson’s bairns'

 When aa is said, an aa is done

 We’re aa Jock Tamson’s bairns

There is a very old ballad called the Laird O The Drum that tells the above true story. We have retold it in our words.